Saturday, June 23, 2007

Our first ADF application is production-ready!

As you might have noticed, my last post was written over a month ago. The reason is simple: I was quite busy finishing our first ADF application that is now production-ready! :) Whew...

We've learned a lot about ADF and JDeveloper. Hopefully we'll be able to leverage the power of this framework in future applications. Did everything go smoothly? Well, no. We are still not comfortable with ADF Security (we had to remove the authorization support), because it does throw weird exceptions in some situations and the ADF Security wizard in JDeveloper is a problem itself (it's hard to do any teamwork with this wizard).

Another conclusion is that the JPA+EJB3+ADF stack is not as productive as we thought. I'm going to have another look at ADF BC in the near future.

Finally, a few things worth mentioning:
1. If you have a problem with locales (e.g. the default ADF messages show up in a different locale than your messages), you should have a look here.
2. If you are using Oracle XE and Firefox and you cannot edit SQL scripts in the web interface, this message will lead you to a solution.
3. I've enhanced Frank Nimphius's solution (JSF login form for container-managed authentication in Java Server Faces) to make it more useful. I'll publish my modifications as soon as I find some spare time. Stay tuned ;)


Anonymous said...

Great news. Let me know if you have any questions ADF Business Components when you begin looking at it again. It's the combination we use ourselves in Oracle Applications for maximum declarative development and productivity. The ADF Learning Center at has everything you'll need to know, but drop me a mail if you can't find what you need.

Anonymous said...

Cześć Janusz,

Congrats on goin to production! I'll be interested to hear how your experience with ADF BC will go in comparison with the EJB/JPA/Toplink stack.

Dana Singleterry said...


Excellent new on your success! I'd like to find out more about your application including both pros and cons of the technologies utilized. I'm a Product Manager in the Development Tools Group at Oracle so if you're inclined to share more details on this application, I'm sure it will be beneficial to both of our interests. Let me know if you have the time to discuss details about your application.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work.

Sergey said...

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